La Grave autrement préservons la Meije

Collectif de préservation des milieux de vie du pays de la Meije

Why/Pourquoi La Grave Autrement?

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The Girose glacier and the iconic village of La Grave in the shadow of La Meije are endagered by the construction of a new lift. You can help preserve this unique environment by supporting the La Grave Autrement collective that are trying to save it.

Freeride area entrance

An alternative future

In La Grave, at 3600 meters above sea level on the Girose glacier, a colossal project to build a new cable car should start in this summer. This could lead to the creation of another mega ski resort linking Alpe d’Huez, Les Deux-Alpes and La Grave as well as a new high-altitude restaurant on the glacier which would have a significant environmental impact.

The collective « La Grave Autrement » aims to preserve the glacier by proposing an alternative project that is adapted to the long-term needs of local economy.

Why do we want to protect the glacier?

The current proposal makes way for three major developments that would have a severe impact on the fragile high-altitude ecosystem of the glacier as well as the valley below:

  • A new lift from 3200m to 3600m and construction of ski slopes on the glacier.
  • The connection between Les Deux Alpes, Alpe d’Huez and La Grave to build a mega resort.
  • The second highest restaurant in France at 3600 meters that would bring an overload of tourist into this fragile environment.

These three projects will put a combined irreversible stress on the Girose glacier which will need to be maintained and groomed for slopes. Besides the catastrophic impact on nature, the unique and authentic spirit of La Grave built around Alpinism and free skiing will be lost forever.

“Despite our opposition to the 3rd section, we cannot just disagree without proposing an alternative project. We are aware that the Meije region needs a project for tourism and economic development.

The project carried by the current and future municipalities to reinforce the non-snow seasons (spring, summer and autumn) is judicious and full of good sense for the future of the territory. We believe that this project can be carried out without the construction of a third section of the cable car.

The risk being then to fall into a well known spiral. Expensive ski lifts are only built if they can be made profitable through tourist beds. The additional buildings will disfigure the canton.

The objective of the financing is to call upon the expertise of professionals in order to provide a model of territorial development that respects the environment and the originality of La Grave and its surroundings. “

– Charles Margheriti, Guide de La Grave

What can you do?

La Grave Autrement needs your help to finance a study in order to determine the alternatives and preserve the Girose glacier. This project will be executed by a specialized firm, at a cost of 52 704 €.

  1. Participate in the crowdfunding campaign
Join the Collect

They are trying to collect 25 000 € via a crowdfunding campaign (the rest will be provided by institutions), you can help them by participating and sharing with your friends.

  1. Sign the Manifest
Read the Manifest

La Grave Autrement also came up with an “Appel a personnalite”. Athletes, activists, politicians, scientists… you all are invited to join Reinhold Messner in signing this manifest. To do so, please send an email to the organization .

Let’s stand together and prove another development model is possible in the authentic valley of La Grave.

Send an email to the organization to sign:

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